Life, a sum of concepts

Every day we confront issues like what is Wrong, what is Moral,or what is Right in this world, in this life. This are only concept we have in our mind, things we were thought by the others around us. How we report evil to ourselves or good to ourselves and the ones around us? Only by the things we know and they’ve told by the people we interact with.

Regarding concept, I strongly believe that this are only in our minds and they don’t really exist. We may see the green color in the same way that other people say we should see, but we can’t not really see or feel how they percept that color. There is a real and important connection between our brain and our contact with the world, but the brain is modeled  after the world’s principles. So, our brain could percept and interact differently with concepts, but since we are born and we go straight in life, we confrunt some concepts already made.

I feel very strange because every little thing I think has to be according to the rules and values existing in the world, so is very difficult for us to make our own concepts. Every think, every action every thought that we make or have, is influenced by the values already existing, Nothing is pure, everything is „contaminated”.

In our head, there are no concepts at the beginning. We make or we take it like there were ourselves, but there is nothing 100% pure, new and without influence from the people or things around us.

In a way, it’s hard to think or feel that as human beings we are no longer ourselves, every concept and mental relationship are made by others. Because this is how I feel, that I have the concepts in my mind because I was thought like this, not because I learned on my own skin. Although, there are few things in life you can not discover in other way only by discovering on your own.

Concepts are a very larger domain, very delicate and with a lot of discussion, but I believe that an very important aspect is the one referring to religion. Who chooses for us in what to believe? Why we need this concept of God? Why people need to have the concept of a god above us who is watching over us and saves us? Who implemented this concept in our mental? Belief in a god, this is very hard for my to understand. As far as I am concerned, watching how life is developing and how human relationships are extending I aim to think that the God in witch we should believe is the Concept with his disciples- people. Of course, first was the man and than the concept, man made the concept and not vice versa, but seeing how things work nowadays I’ve seen people who were the slaves of the Concepts, and that is very hard. There opening mind was so short and limited, it almost made me feel peaty for them, but in the same time for myself.

In a world crazy and chaotic like the one we are living in it, is hard to detain self control on your life, on your mind and on your culture and concept regarding the way you see and  your own perception about life.

The world is  full of concepts, definitions and others like this, there role being to simplify and to explain the world we are living in, to make a easier vision and to give life a reason, all this made by the human brain. Some of this concepts are complex, some are more easier to understand and to comprehend, but we should give more attention to this sort of things and to use our brain and to see the world with our own eyes, explaining it from our point of view, because we are living our life, not someone else and we need to understand what is going on with us and where we are going to. Even life itself is an abstract concept…World is a sum of concepts